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Publications 2009

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  • Albus C, Theissen P, Hellmich M, Griebenow R, Wilhelm B, Aslim D, Schicha H, Köhle K
    Long-term Effects of a Multimodal Behavioral Interention on Myocardial Perfusion – a Randomized Clinical Trial
    Int. J. Behav. Med 2009; 16: 219-226
  • Archontaki M, Korkolis DP, Arnogiannaki N, Vassiliadis V, Liapakis IE, Christ H, Kokkalis G
    Giant Basal Cell Carcinoma: Clinicopathological Analysis of 51 Cases and Review of the Literature
    Anticancer Res 2009; 29: 2655-2664
  • Berg F, Bangard C, Bovenschulte H, Nijenhuis M, Hellmich M, Lackner K, Gossmann A
    Hybrid contrast-enhanced MR angrigraphy of pelvic and lower extremity vasculature at 3.0 T: Initial experience
    Eur J Radiol 2009; 70: 170-176
  • Eich HT, Heimann M, Stützer H, Kriz J, Reiser M, Müller RP
    Long-Term Outcome and Prognostic Factors in Early-Stage Nodal Low-Grade Non-Hodgkin's Lymphomas Treated with Radiation Therapy
    Strahlenther Onkol 2009; 185: 288-295
  • Eichenauer DA, Bredenfeld H, Haverkamp H, Müller J, Franklin J, Fuchs M. Borchmann P, Müller-Hermelink HK, Eich HT, Müller RP, Diehl V, Engert A
    Hodgkin's Lymphoma in Adolescents Treated With Adult Protocols: A Report From the German Hodgkin Study Group
    J Clin Oncol 2009; 27 (36): 6079-6085
  • Engert A, Diehl V, Franklin J, Lohri A, Dörken B, Ludwig WD, Koch P, Hänel M, Pfreundschuh M, Wilhelm M, Trümper L, Aulitzky WE, Bentz M, Rummel M, Sezer O, Müller-Hermelink HK, Hasenclever D, Löffler M
    Escalated-Dose BEACOPP in the Treatment of Patients With Advanced-Stage Hodgkin's Lymphoma: 10 Years of Follow-Up of the GHSG HD9 Study
    J Clin Oncol 2009; 27 (27): 4548-4554
  • Frommolt P, Hellmich M
    Resampling in Multiple-Dose Factorial Designs
    Biom J 2009; 51 (6): 915-931
  • Gerbershagen HJ, Özgür E, Dagtekin O, Straub K, Hahn M, Heidenreich A, Sabatowski R, Petzke F
    Preoperative pain as a risk factor for chronic post-surgical pain – Six month follow-up after radical prostatectomy
    Eur J Pain 2009; 13: 1054-1061
  • Hanitsch LG, Burmester GR, Witt C, Hunzelmann N, Genth E, Krieg T, Lehmacher W, Melchers I, Meurer M, Müller-Ladner U, Schulze-Lohoff E, Becker M, Sunderkoetter C, the DNSS centers, Riemekasten G
    Skin sclerosis is only of limited value to identify SSc patients with severe manifestations – an analysis of a distinct patient subgroup of the German Systemic Sclerosis Network (DNSS) Register
    Rheumatology 2009; 48: 70-73
  • Hunzelmann N, Moinzadeh P, Genth E, Krieg T, Lehmacher W, Melchers I, Meurer M, Müller-Ladner U, Olski TM, Pfeiffer C, Riemekasten G, Schulze-Lohoff E, Sunderkoetter C, Weber M for the German Network for Systemic Scleroderma Centers
    High frequency of corticosteroid and immunosuppressive therapy in patients with systemic sclerosis despite limited evidence for efficacy
    Arthritis Res Ther 2009; 11: R30
  • Jansen K, Brockmeyer NH, Hahn M, Kaul I, Fenske S, Rausch M, Kuhlmann B, Ulmer A, Lauenroth-Mai E, Harrer T, Hower M, Skaletz-Rorowski A, Michalik C
    Epidemiological Composition, Clinical and Treatment Characteristics of the Patient Cohort of the German Competence Network for HIV/AIDS
    Eur J Med Res 2009; 14: 415-425
  • Jansen K, Michalik C, Hahn M, Dupke S, Esser S, Jaeger H, Köppe S, Moll A, Plettenberg A, Schmidt RE, Skaletz-Rorowski A, Brockmeyer NH
    The Patient Cohort of the German Competence Network for HIV/AIDS (KompNet): A Profile
    Eur J Med Res 2009; 14: 323-331
  • Klingel R, Heibges A, Uygun-Kiehne S, Fassbender C, Mösges R
    Rheopheresis for sudden sensorineural hearing loss
    Atherosclerosis Suppl 2009; 10: 102-106
  • Koethe D, Giuffrida A, Schreiber D, Hellmich M, Schultze-Lutter F, Ruhrmann S, Klosterkötter J, Piomelli D, Leweke FM
    Anandamide elevation in cerebrospinal fluid in initial prodromal states of psychosis
    Br J Psych 2009; 194: 371-372
  • Koethe D, Kranaster L, Hoyer C, Gross S, Neatby MA, Schultze-Lutter F, Ruhrmann S, Klosterkötter J, Hellmich M, Leweke FM
    Binocular depth inversion as a paradigm of reduced visual information processing in prodromal state, antipsychotic-naïve and treated schizophrenia
    Eur Arch Psychiatry Clin Neurosci 2009; 259: 195-202
  • Koethe D, Schreiber D, Giuffrida A, Mauss C, Faulhaber J, Heydenreich B, Hellmich M, Graf R, Klosterkötter J, Piomelli D, Leweke FM
    Sleep deprivation increases oleoylethanolamide in human cerebrospinal fluid
    J Neural Transm 2009; 116: 301-305
  • Koss MJ, Kurz P, Tsobanelis T, Lehmacher W, Fassbender C, Klingel R, Koch FJ
    Prospective, randomized, controlled clinical study evaluating the efficacy of Rheopheresis for dry age-related macular degeneration
    Graefes Arch Clin Exp Ophthalmol 2009: 247: 1297-1306
  • Krug KB, Bovenschulte H, Geißler HJ, Flesch M, Schneider T, Brackrogge D, Reiter H, Heppelmann I, Christ H, Fischer JH, Lackner KJ
    In-Vivo Measurements of Coronary Blood Flow using 16-Slice Multidetector Spiral Computed Tomography (MDT) in a Porcine Model
    Fortschr Röntenstr 2009; 181: 220-229
  • Laudes M, Oberhauser F, Bilkovski R, Schubert M, Udelhoven M, Wassmer G, Roth B, Krone W
    Human Fetal Adiponectin and Retinol-binding Protein (RBP)-4 Levels in Relation to Birth Weight and Maternal Obesity
    Exp Clin Endocrinol Diabetes 2009; 117: 146-149
  • Liakopoulos OJ, Choi YH, Kuhn EW, Wittwer T, Borys M, Madershahian N, Wassmer G, Wahlers T
    Statins for prevention of atrial fibrillation after cardiac surgery: A systematic literature review
    J Thorac Cardiovasc Surg 2009; 138 (3): 678-686
  • Michiels S, Le Maître A, Buyse M, Burzykowski T, Maillard E, Bogaerts J, Vermarken JB, Budach W, Pajak TF, Ang KK, Bourhis J, Pignon H, and the MARCH and MACH-NC Collaborative Groups
    Surrogate endpoints for overall survival in locally advanced head and neck cancer: meta-analyses of individual patient data
    Lancet Oncol 2009; 10: 341-350
  • Mösges R, Köberlein J, Heibges A, Erdtracht B, Klingel R, Lehmacher W for the RHEO-ISHL Study Group
    Rheopheresis for idiopathic sudden hearing loss: results from a large prospective multicenter, randomized, controlled clinical trial
    Eur Arch Otorhinolaryngol 2009; 266:943-953
  • Mösges R, Pasch N, Sayer A, Schmalz P, Vent J
    Erhebung der sensorischen Wahrnehmung und subjektiven Patienteneinschätzung bei der Verabreichung von Nasenspray – Die Nasen-Spray-Sensorik-Skala
    Laryngo-Rhino-Otol 2009; 88: 587-591
  • Nieber K, Lehmacher W
    Anwendungsbeobachtungen in der Apotheke. Möglichkeiten und Grenzen
    Med Monatsschr Pharmaz 2009; 32 (8): 301-306
  • Pfaar O, Klimek L, Fischer I, Sieber J, Amoroso S, Moreno Aguilar C, Shah K, Mösges R
    Safety of Two Cluster Schedules for Subcutaneous Immunotherapy in Allergic Rhinitis or Asthma Patients Sensitized to Inhalant Allergens
    Int Arch Allergy Immunol 2009; 150: 102-108
  • Pfaar O, Mösges R, Hörmann K, Klimek L
    Die Cluster-Immuntherapie bei der persistierenden allergischen Rhinitis
    HNO 2009; 57: 1009-1105
  • Sagheri D, Wassmer G, Hahn P, McLoughlin J
    Dental caries experience of schoolchildren of two different oral health care delivery systems
    Int Dent J 2009; 59: 161-167
  • Schicha H, Hellmich M, Lehmacher W, Eschner W, Schmidt M, Kobe C, Schober O, Dietlein M
    Should all patients with thyroid nodules ≥ 1 cm undergo fine-needle aspiration biopsy?
    Nuklearmedizin 2009; 48: 79-83
  • Sobottke R, Schlüter-Brust K, Kaulhausen T, Röllinghoff M, Joswig B, Stützer H, Eysel P, Simons P, Kuchla J
    Interspinous implant (X Stop®, Wallis®, Diam®) for the treatment of LSS: is there a correlation between radiological parameters and clinical outcome?
    Eur Spine J 2009; 18: 1494-1503
  • Sos ML, Koker M, Weir BA, Heynck S, Rabinovsky R, Zander T, Seeger JM, Weiss J, Fischer F, Frommolt P, Michel K, Peifer M, Mermel C, Girard L, Peyton M, Gazdar AF, Minna JD, Garraway LA, Kashkar H, Pao W, Meyerson M, Thomas RK
    PTEN Loss Contributes to Erlotinib Resistance in EGFR-Mutant Lung Cancer by Activation of AKT and EGFR
    Cancer Res 2009; 69 (8): 3256-3261
  • Sos ML, Michel K, Zander T, Zander T, Weiss J, Frommolt P, Peifer M, Li D, Ullrich R, Koker M, Fischer F, Stückrath I, Heynck S, Beroukhim R, Lin W, Winckler W, Shah K, LaFramboise T, Moriarty WF, Hanna M, Tolosi L, Rahnenführer J, Verhaak R, Chiang D, Getz G, Hellmich M, Wolf J, Girard L, Peyton M, Weir BA, Chen TH, Greulich H, Barretina J, Shapiro GI, Garraway LA, Gazdar AF, Minna JD, Meyerson M, Wong KK, Thomas RK
    Predicting drug susceptibility of non-small cell lung cancers based on genetic lesions
    J Clin Invest 2009; 119 (6): 1727-1740
  • Strauch JT, Haldenwang PL, Müllem K, Schmalz M, Liakopoulos O, Christ H, Fischer JH, Wahlers T
    Temperature Dependence of Cerebral Blood Flow for Isolated Regions of the Brain During Selective Cerebral Perfusion in Pigs
    Ann Thorac Surg 2009; 88: 1506-1514
  • Ullrich RT, Kracht L, Brunn A, Herholz K, Frommolt P, Miletic H, Deckert M. Heiß WD, Jacobs AH
    Methyl-L-11C-Methionine PET as a Diagnostic Marker for Malignant Progression in Patients with Glioma
    J Nucl Med 2009; 50: 1962-1968
  • Vent J, Lehmacher W
    The problem of placebo-controlled trials allowing rescue medication: how to assess efficacy in rhinosinusitis and allergic rhinoconjunctivitis when both groups receive active rescue treatment
    Curr Opin Allergy Clin