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Statistical Consulting

The service offer "Statistical Consulting"

Preliminary information (please note, for more details see below)

A consultation or appointment requires submission of a fully completed registration form.
Please read the following information and send your registration to the secretariat.

The Institute of Medical Statistics and Compuational Biology (IMSB) provides statistical consulting for scientific projects which are carried out in the Medical Faculty of the University of Cologne. This service is open to all scientists and students of the faculty and offers assistance in the following tasks:

  • Study and experiment planning
  • Selection of adequate statistical methods
  • Data analysis using statistical software
  • Interpretation of the analyses performed and statistical evaluation of scientific publications

General information

"Quick consultations" in the sense of an emergency outpatient clinic - in particular consultations requested by phone - are not provided for in this context (exeption: the Omics Ambulance).
Well-founded advice is not possible without exact knowledge of the experimental design and the data structure.

Statistical advice on the doctoral thesis and use of the hardware and software used at the IMSB is provided free of charge, insofar as it concerns the supervision of a purely scientific work. If projects are carried out in connection with a project supported by third-party funding, this must be stated when registering for the first consultation.

The IMSB offers consultancy on statistical data analysis both for

as well as at

Doctoral candidates who are also looking for a publication of their results, please register as described under Advice on the doctoral thesis.